Smooth operator

That's me !! The last week I've been feeding on Sade - she's absolutely amazing.
Big inspiration for me.
Going home to the folks today to do some golf with my dad before the final test tomorrow. Kinda nervous but I've been postponing this for too long, time to get it over with. And I'll have a whole night with dad which is great.
He's very interested in what I do, with all that's happend - he doesn't really follow the turns, but God knows he want to. So I'm gonna bring my lap top and my speakers and show him what's going on with my career.
Hell, I don't even follow some times.

Postat av: REBECCA

HEJ! Allt bra med dig?

Nu är jag tillbaka på bloggen efter min lilla paus där det ingick en festival och en sönder dator, haha. Men nu är jag tillbaka med massa nytt mode och trender så kika gärna in och släng en kommentar :)

2011-08-09 @ 15:32:03
Postat av: Mimmi Naveed

Don't miss veckans blogg, länkning på 900-1400 bes!

Good luck!

2011-08-09 @ 19:12:17

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